Thursday, September 3, 2009

My first attempt at digital...

Well , I am a Traditional scrapper and never thought I would do anything digital. Seriously!

But when my husband's family went to Lincoln, Nebraska to be a part of their great great (great?) grandfather's, Charles E. Bessey, induction to the Nebraska Hall of Fame.

Charles E. Bessey is a huge deal in Nebraska.

So, I thought that making a scrapbook would make a great Christmas present.

But I am a really "bulky" scrapper and I figured this book should be more of a flat coffee table book. So, I thought, maybe I should do it digitally! And the fact I would have to make 3 albums made the decision easier. LOL

So, I started playing around with Creative Memories StoryBook Creator Plus. And within a 24 hour period, I created a book. Now, I do not think it should have taken me so long to do it, but I am not a manual reader. LOL

I used the Black and White Content Collection for the papers and all kinds of assorted Creative Memories "bling" for the accents.

I sent off for one book to be printed. I cannot wait to see it all together...

But I wanted to show you the pages I created....shhh it is a surprise for my MIL and SIL....

I am kinda proud of it.... :)

The first picture is of the cover. Charles E. Bessey was a botanist.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Sneak Peak! Creative Memories Trick or Treat Additions

Hi everyone!

I am back and getting into the swing of things. Preparing for the kids to go back to school (13 days to go! YAY!) and doing assignments for Creative Memories! Double YAY!

That is why I am here!

I wanted to give you a sneak peek of the NEW Creative Memories Limited Edition Trick or Treat Additions.

I had so much fun playing with this new line!

The line is available starting September 1st!

Want to see what I created with it?

The first project is a layout I did of my little girl....

the second project is Halloween Candy Party Favors made out of empty tuna fish tins...

And finally, 2 cards....

Don't ya just love the papers and stickers?

Contact your Local Creative Memories Consultant on September 1st to to get you very own Limited Edition Trick or Treat Additions...

Thanks for looking...


Sunday, August 2, 2009

It is raining...

Pouring. No mowing the lawn today. (YAY!)

I will be doing assignments all day. Weather is perfect for it. I think I can crank some out during the race. Can we say GO TONY? Yes we can!!!

I wanted to share some photos from Ocean City. We go down with my parents and all the grandkids. It is always a great time for them.

Here is a photo shoot of all the kids at the beach. They are so patient (kind of) when Aunt Kathy/Mommy takes tons of shots of them. I think this one is my favorite because everyone is just doing their own thing. Distracted. And bored. LOL

Here is a picture of just the girls...

And the boys....

Well, I am off. Time to feed the kids and play a few games. I think I see Go Fish! in my future.

Saturday, August 1, 2009


I love my friends...they are so good to me.

But I feel like this summer, I have lost touch with them. It has been so crazy. I know life can get in the way sometimes. And I also know it is not because I do not care or they do not. We just get busy.

You would think that me picking up the phone or writing an email would be easy. But then when you think of it, the baby decides to use ketchup as a drawing tool on the kitchen floor. Or the twins are fighting. Or you need to clean the house, mow the lawn, etc. You just get side tracked.

It is no one's fault. Life Happens.

But the part I love best about my friends. We can go days, weeks, months without talking. But I know they are there. They know I love them. They know! And as soon as the kids go back to school, I will be back on schedule. YAY!

So, to all my friends. I am here. Sorry that I have been MIA. I Love you. Miss you!

Friday, July 31, 2009

Ready...Set...Poison Ivy

Since I have been back from vacation, I decided to do some projects outside the house. The weeds have gotten out of control . Our flower gardens have become weed gardens.

So, out I went. 3 days in a row. Getting a lot done. Then, I started itching. Here and there. Then, in between my fingers. Oh, how it itched. Then, bumps. Poison Ivy! It is torture!

I know I should not scratch it. But it feels so good when I do. It is agony. I have put bleach on it and hydra cortisone. No real help.

I need to keep my mind off of it. Thankfully, I have assignments I need to do. The creative process will do it! I hope. Keeping fingers crossed. Maybe not. It may make it itch more. LOL

Enough of my pity party.

Tomorrow. Pics from our vacation. YAY!

Hope you are having a great day.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


We are back from vacation. And we are now gearing up for home projects and back to school!

It has been a terrific summer, but I am ready for it to be over. LOL

A lot of running around. Packing and unpacking. I am ready for us to be on a regular schedule again.

I am now trying to play catch up and getting back to designing.

I updated my blog and the header with a picture of the kids in OBX. I do not know why, but this is one of my favorite pictures of the three of them.

I hope you are all having a great summer. Fill me in on what you have been up to.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Update..GASC in VA....and some other stuff

Hi everyone! I know! Long time no write!

Life has been a little crazy. End of year recitals, cub scouts, no more school for the kids. Oh, the list goes on. So, many excuses.

But here I am.

The kids are doing great. We recently got back from vacation. 3 days in Hampton, VA for the Blackbeard Festival. Very cool! I highly recommend it. We had a lot of fun.

Then, we went to the OBX. Never been there before, but we were invited by James' close friend Duke. We had a wonderful time and met some amazing people. Actually, they were ALL amazing. We did not want to leave.

Coming up, I will be at the GASC at the Dulles Expo center on Saturday. I will be working at the Creative Memories booth doing Make and Takes. Come on by and say "hi." It will make my day!

I have been working on some stuff that I hope to show you soon.

But for now that is it. We are all doing ok. Better than ok.

And I will be back soon. You better believe it. :)

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

In Loving Memory Class by Tania Willis

I love taking classes. I really do. My favorite classes are the ones taught by Tania Willis. I love her. I was lucky enough to take a Circle Journal class with her years ago. We even did a few rounds of CJ's with Tania. It was a lot of fun.

The best part of it all is that Tania and I became friends. And have been friends ever since.

Her classes are wonderful. She is really talented. And this time she is doing a class that I think we can all relate to.

A class about scrapping the loss of a loved one.

Below are the details about her class. This is a class that may help all of us get through the pain we feel when we lose someone close to us. Start the healing process and created something beautiful about that special person. You should really check it out.

In Loving Memory by Tania Willis
April 9 - May 7
During this 5-week course (one session per week) Tania will help spur you on to create an album dedicated to a loved one you have lost, all the while encouraging you to be gentle on yourself through the process. She will provide prompts and challenges to help you get your thoughts in order and onto the page, as well as suggestions for selecting photos and how to overcome the dilema of not having many photos at all. In addition, page sketches will be offered and a variety of embellishment techniques will be taught along the way. There's no better way than to complete a treasured project than in the company of a supportive teacher who is on her own journey of remembrance after losing her mom very suddenly and unexpectedly the summer of 2007. “It’s scrapbooking as a healing therapy, not just art.”
Cost: $25
Answers to frequently asked questions here:

Thursday, March 26, 2009

I am so Egg-Cited!

All of us are going to the 2009 White House Easter Egg Roll!

James and I were on our computers for 90 minutes trying to get these tickets! And we succeeded! (Ok, James got them for us! He is a superstar!!!!!)

I have been wanting to go to this for years, but could not get down to DC to get them. I mean, there are people who camp out for days before the tickets are given out!

But this year, they did the tickets online. And we got them. I am so happy. I have never been and I know the kids are going to love it!

Our cameras will be fully charged. I foresee a ton of photos taken at this one event. Scrapbooker Heaven!

Only 3 1/2 weeks! YAY!

Not sure who will be more excited, me or the kids.

I will get back to you on that! Hee hee

Sunday, February 1, 2009


Ok I am not the best at this.

Actually I am horrible at it

I have the best intentions. But deep down I am a slob.

I am trying to change it with my new scrapbook room.

Last night I brought all my paper downstairs. Ok, most of it. Some of it is still on my messy floor. Under layers of scrapbook supplies.

I organized all my cardstock. By color. From the lightest shade to darkest. It is now proudly displayed on my paper rack.

Today was patterned paper day. Uggh!

This one is tricky.

I have catorgories:


That part is easy

But I am wondering is I do "themed" categories too..


I did that before. And by manufacturer. But I forgot I had these papers.

I do not want to do it again. Some of these papers I really like. LOL

So, I am torn.

And I am finding that I hate scraps.

I have tons of them. Especially Junkitz papers.

I cannot make myself throw them away. It would be wrong if I did. So wrong.

So, As I was sorting my mountain of paper, I was trying to think of a way of storing the scraps. In a way that would be easy to go through and not an unorganized mess.

Well, I have been toying around with getting Pottery Barn's Samantha Bench. But the price tag has made me hesitant.

The Samantha bench has 3 baskets you can purchase that go under the bench. I thought..Hey I can put my scraps in there and they will be accessable and out of sight. Also, organized. I could use one basket for solid cardstock. Another for patterned. And one for themed papers.

I was seriously considering taking the plunge and making a PB purchase....{sigh} So much money. For paper scraps?

but then I had a thought....

As you know I wanted that Pottery Barn Craft table, but was having the same issue. Price. And I found that Target had one that was just like PB's but more than half the price.

Last year for my birthday, I bought the Target craft table and absolutely love it.

So, I did a search on Target and found this..A dead ringer with the PB Samantha Bench!!

And the baskets and cushions are included! For only $199.99.

And they are having 15% off and free shipping. With another discount I got I am only paying less that $159.00 for it! Winner Winner Chicken dinner!

Now I have a cute bench that will hold my paper scraps. All nice and tidy!

Now, when I was reading the reviews on this bench, I saw that people think the cushions are a cheap and cheesy.

So, off to PB website I go. To see if they have their cushions for the bench available. I figured I would be willing to spend the $75.00 for the cushion since I saved @ $400. Right?

It is all about justification. LOL

So, I looked.

No luck. No longer available.

But I did find this.

Outdoor bench cushions. The right dimensions. And only $4.99. Can anyone say clearance? YAY!!

My new scrapbook room will be downstairs so moisture resistant cushions is right for me..

I ordered it. I got the multistripe. I wanted the red or white but alas they were sold out.

Most of my room colors are pink white and black with a splash of red here and there.

So I figured it would be ok to splash more color with the multistripe. {fingers crossed}

But for $4.99 I figured I could take the chance right?

Well, that is the latest. Trying to turn a corner and get organized.

My goal is to get the room upstairs emptied in the next 10 days, so I can get the room ready for my daughter. Deadline. February 28th. Her 7th birthday.

Once she is moved in. Quinn will be out of our room and moved in with big brother Jet.

I definitely want to meet this deadline.

Wish me luck.

Monday, January 19, 2009


Thank you for all your comments and support.

I had some really good friends help me out the night of the "incident"

And I cannot thank them enough.

I am not sure what I would have done without them.

You know who you are and I love you very much!

I wanted to share pictures of Quinn.

I took these right after we got home from the hospital...

Those little band-aids on his cheeks were to hold the oxygen tubes in place.

I took them off when I gave him a bath that night....

Here is another picture of him. He is not looking at me because Kaileyne is behind me making funny faces. Quinn loves it when she does that...

And the final picture is Quinn's scary hospital head. Yes it looks fine if you are looking at him straight on BUT.....


He gets the scary hair from me..... :)

Thanks again for all the prayers and well wishes for Quinn and my family.

You have no idea how much it has meant to me.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Day My Heart Almost Broke!

Before I get into this, let me say that Quinn is OK!

He is home and he is ok!

Ok now that it has been said....

Thursday night we were watching a movie. Everyone in the family room.

Quinn was shimmying around the coffee table, when he fell.

I could not see him under the table. But I heard a little cry. Then nothing. Then a thump. He was laying on the floor.

James asked Kaili to get him. She tried picking him up, but couldn't. She was laughing because she thought he was playing around.

Then, I heard. "Kaili it is NOT funny. PICK HIM UP!" That is when my mommy alarms went off! I knew something was wrong. I was getting up as James picked up Quinn. I saw Quinn was limp. But eyes open. I said. What's wrong. James said I do not know.

I took Quinn from him. Looked at him.

Shallowed breathing.

Eyes rolling up to the back of his head.

Pupils fully dilated.

Not aware. At all. He would not react to my voice. Oh my God! My Baby!!

I looked at James and told him to call 911 now!

The paramedics took forever to get there. The 911 operator was telling us to stay calm. That they were on their way! Stay calm? My baby was hurt. I was freaking out!

Paramedics got there. Still unresponsive.

I hear them talking. Concussion. Bleeding into the brain. Heard them say that he needs to be airlifted to Inova in Virginia.

This is bad!

Twins are crying. James is of course upset. Things are falling apart.

I do not know what to do. My baby. My little baby boy. It is serious.

I grab my purse and say ok I am going with him

They tell me I cannot ride in the helicopter.

They put on a back board and neck brace. They take him. I am trying to gather items for Quinn in a bag. While trying to calm everyone down and reassure them (and me) that he will be ok. Praying in between.

I have to go alone. James had knee surgery not even a week ago. And someone has to stay home with the twins.

I drive the 90 minutes to the hospital. Knowing my little boy is there alone. My heart is in my throat.

I get there and the doctors are waiting. They have the results from the x-rays, MRI and CAT scan. Everything is ok. He is fine. No brain swelling. No bleeding into the brain.

That is when I lose it. My baby is ok and now it is ok to lose it. So, I let it all go.

They take me to him. He is in a neck brace with all kinds of wires on him. They had just taken out the breathing tube (thank goodness I missed that. Not sure how I would have handled seeing him like that)

He is still coming out of sedation. Still groggy. But I say his name. He lifts his hand and grabs my finger. My heart melts. My baby boy is going to be ok.

We stayed overnight for observation and we got home Friday afternoon. The twins are so happy to see their brother. Daddy is relieved.

It was a rough 24 hours. But it is ok. My little boy is healthy and he acts like nothing happened.

Life is good. And back to normal.

Mommy, on the other hand, is a little on edge. Every time he gets near anything with edges I get ancy (which is all the time). He has no idea what happened. And try telling a 12 month old he needs to just sit in one place and stay put. Not going to happen!

He bumped his head this morning and I just about jumped out of my skin. He seems ok, just going to keep my eye on him.

So, I am going to spend some cuddle time with my little boy. I may be MIA for a few days.

Just wanted to let you know why. Have a great weekend.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Hoops for Heart and Jump Rope for Heart fundraiser

Ok, I normally do not do this but.........

The twins came home yesterday, talking about how they need to help people.

I had no idea what they were trying to tell me. They were both talking so fast.

They got frustrated with me and shoved some papers into my hands and said...

"Mommy, we HAVE to help!"

Their school is having a fundraiser to fight Heart Disease.

Jet and Kaileyne will be joining the Jump Rope for Heart and Hoops for Heart Campaign for the American Heart Association.

While I was reading the information for the fundraiser, I saw this:

My children's generation is the first in history that is projected NOT to outlive their parents!!

I was shocked! I had no idea.

So, I agreed to set up their webpage on the American Heart Association website.

Jet's Hoops for Heart

Kaileyne's Jump Rope for Heart

They both have set a goal of $200 each.

I will be setting both Kaileyne and Jet up with a donation from Mommy and Daddy of $25.00 today.

I am hoping that maybe my friends could help them out too.

The American Heart Association's online fundraising website has a minimum donation amount of $25.00. If you want to donate less, that's ok. You can donate to me via Paypal ( and will transfer the money to the AHA every time I get $25. Or email me and I can send you my home address, if you want to send a check.

Every little bit will help. And I want to help them reach their goal.


Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Classes! Classes!

This weekend I am teaching some Creative Memories Classes in Frederick, MD.

I really love to teach. I love getting people excited about scrapbooking!

And getting them to see that Creative Memories has some really great stuff out there.

So this is the first class...

it is a Card class....

You will complete twelve 5x7 cards for $20

I will also be teaching a class where we will be making four 12x12 layouts using Creative Memories Discover and Delight papers. These papers are a limited edition that you cannot purchase. They are also double sided. On one of the layouts I show them how they can use the same papers to make a layout for a boy or a girl.

The last class is a layout and card class using Creative Memories With Love Accents Kit.

Well, that is it....

Thanks for letting me share.

now off to do more cutting for these kits...

And I will be making a special trip to the ribbon outlet today. I am so excited. LOL I love ribbon!

I know hubby will be happy when I am done. No more paper scraps all over the floor LOL

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Blog Candy!

I love giveaways! Don't you?

I also love finding out that there is a talented scrapbooker watching me!

Well, I found both!

Ewonne is in Sweden. I took a gander at her blog and I was blown away by her beautiful work!!

I also saw that she is giving away some Blog Candy!

Look at this!


here is the link to her blog: Through My Eyes.

You should check it out!

Tell her I sent you.... ;)

PS - I know I have been promising pictures of my scrapbook room. i will get them on here, but I am still working on a few things in there. I actually hung some artwork that the twins did for me. They are so excited that something they did is hung on the wall instead of the refrigerator. LOL

Also, been cutting up class kits for classes I am teaching this weekend.

I will post those tomorrow.

better run. need to paint my ribbon holders.

Don't forget to enter Ewonne's Blog Candy Giveaway!