Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Update..GASC in VA....and some other stuff

Hi everyone! I know! Long time no write!

Life has been a little crazy. End of year recitals, cub scouts, no more school for the kids. Oh, the list goes on. So, many excuses.

But here I am.

The kids are doing great. We recently got back from vacation. 3 days in Hampton, VA for the Blackbeard Festival. Very cool! I highly recommend it. We had a lot of fun.

Then, we went to the OBX. Never been there before, but we were invited by James' close friend Duke. We had a wonderful time and met some amazing people. Actually, they were ALL amazing. We did not want to leave.

Coming up, I will be at the GASC at the Dulles Expo center on Saturday. I will be working at the Creative Memories booth doing Make and Takes. Come on by and say "hi." It will make my day!

I have been working on some stuff that I hope to show you soon.

But for now that is it. We are all doing ok. Better than ok.

And I will be back soon. You better believe it. :)