Sunday, January 31, 2010

Snow Snow Snow....

We got hit again! The weather people were calling for only a light dusting to 2 inches in our area...

So, I went to a crop 2 hours away, James went out with his friends for the night and the kids were at Grandma's house (an hour away).

Well, they were wrong! Wayyyy Wrong!

I got to the crop at 8 am and I had to leave at 1pm because there was about 4 inches on the ground.

I left and it took me 4 hours to get home. The roads were a nightmare. Tractor trailers jackknifed, cars abandoned, other cars turned around with busted front ends, and cars stuck in the medians. It was ugly!

James picked up the kids at 2:30 pm. He got home 15 minutes after I did. he was coming from the other direction. He said the roads were just as bad.

We were all so happy to be home. And safe.

And we got about 6 inches yesterday. Not a dusting. So, thanks Mr. Weatherman! For being so...uhh... accurate... {eye roll}...

Well, gotta run! Need to go and shovel some snow.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Do you love Digital Freebies?

Now that I have been dabbling in digital. I do! It's like going into my LSS when they are having an embellishment sale. I squeal like a little girl!

And when you work with so many talented Digital Designers at Creative Memories, it is hard not to get excited when they create something and share it with all of us. For FREEEEEEE!

Do you know what I like best? Digital Page Freebies! Slap a photo here and VOILA! A beautiful layout....

Want an example... SURE YOU DO! I am so glad you asked!

I know this talented lady.. Janet Carr

And she has a Digital Freebie Blog! I just looked there the other day and I say this page template she had as a freebie.

All I had to to was drop a picture into it...I love love loveeeeee it!

Do you want it? I know you do! CLICK HERE to get it!

And that is not all she has! Take a moment and look! You will not be disappointed....

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Welcome to my New Blog!

Ok not new, but redesigned! Isn't is beautiful? I see your heads nodding .... Excellent!

My Blog Makeover was done by a very wonderful and talented Kristina Proffitt! And she did it so quickly. One day my blog was boring..the next Ka-Blowwee! Perfection!

Kristina and her partner Crystal Wilkerson have created templates for your blog that are just so bright and inspirational! The name of her business is Blog Designs by Two Happy Mommas. You need to check them out! You will not be disappointed!

Kristina even redid my Scrapbook Resume Blog. I cannot tell you how happy I am with her work! And she is a pleasure to work with. Y'all know how difficult I can be sometimes! ;)

As you all know, I am quite the bad blogger. I never knew why, but I think it was because my blog was so..well....blech! Boring! Dull!

Not anymore! I cannot tell you how many times I have come to my blog today. I love it! So, I had to share it all with you! And I am sure you will see a lot more of me now too!

Thank you Kristina! Thank you Crystal! You guys ROCK!!!!!!!!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

NJE Scrapbook Flea Market is Coming!!!!

Yes! That is right! A Scrapbook Flea Market is coming to West Virginia!

It is a fundraiser for new playground equipment for North Jefferson Elementary!

So, it is a place to find great scrapbook bargains and raise money for our school.

Save the Date!

Saturday- May 1, 2010
9am to 4pm

Stay tuned for more information....Table Rental and Ticket Information will be coming soon ! Please check my blog for updates!

All proceeds go to North Jefferson Elementary PTO.