Sunday, January 17, 2010

NJE Scrapbook Flea Market is Coming!!!!

Yes! That is right! A Scrapbook Flea Market is coming to West Virginia!

It is a fundraiser for new playground equipment for North Jefferson Elementary!

So, it is a place to find great scrapbook bargains and raise money for our school.

Save the Date!

Saturday- May 1, 2010
9am to 4pm

Stay tuned for more information....Table Rental and Ticket Information will be coming soon ! Please check my blog for updates!

All proceeds go to North Jefferson Elementary PTO.


Korie B. said...

I look forward to more info!

Janet Carr said...

Woo-HOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KATHLEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOUR NEW BLOG!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kristina did such a FABULOUS job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Isn't she just the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAAAA for the BOTH of you!!!!!!!!! LOVE, LOVE it Kathy!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kristina... another BEAUTY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kathleen Taylor said...

Janet! I love it too! I am seriously in love with my blog! You were so right. Kristina rocks!!