Thursday, January 28, 2010

Do you love Digital Freebies?

Now that I have been dabbling in digital. I do! It's like going into my LSS when they are having an embellishment sale. I squeal like a little girl!

And when you work with so many talented Digital Designers at Creative Memories, it is hard not to get excited when they create something and share it with all of us. For FREEEEEEE!

Do you know what I like best? Digital Page Freebies! Slap a photo here and VOILA! A beautiful layout....

Want an example... SURE YOU DO! I am so glad you asked!

I know this talented lady.. Janet Carr

And she has a Digital Freebie Blog! I just looked there the other day and I say this page template she had as a freebie.

All I had to to was drop a picture into it...I love love loveeeeee it!

Do you want it? I know you do! CLICK HERE to get it!

And that is not all she has! Take a moment and look! You will not be disappointed....


Janet Carr said...

KATHLEEN!!!!!!! Oh my GOSH!!!!!! You are just much too SWEET!!!!!!!! Thank you sooooooo VERY MUCH for your sweet, kind words!!!!! And I just soooooooo LOVE your page that you made!!!!!!! Your picture made my quick page just look sooooooooooo BEAUTIFUL!!!! Thank you sooooooooo VERY MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!

Kathleen Taylor said...

Janet, you are very welcome. Your art is fantastic!! I think I have already used most of your freebies already. LOL I think I am addicted to janet. :)

Anonymous said...

Kathleen, I love your wit! Thanks for telling me about Janet's freebie page!