Monday, January 19, 2009


Thank you for all your comments and support.

I had some really good friends help me out the night of the "incident"

And I cannot thank them enough.

I am not sure what I would have done without them.

You know who you are and I love you very much!

I wanted to share pictures of Quinn.

I took these right after we got home from the hospital...

Those little band-aids on his cheeks were to hold the oxygen tubes in place.

I took them off when I gave him a bath that night....

Here is another picture of him. He is not looking at me because Kaileyne is behind me making funny faces. Quinn loves it when she does that...

And the final picture is Quinn's scary hospital head. Yes it looks fine if you are looking at him straight on BUT.....


He gets the scary hair from me..... :)

Thanks again for all the prayers and well wishes for Quinn and my family.

You have no idea how much it has meant to me.