Sunday, February 1, 2009


Ok I am not the best at this.

Actually I am horrible at it

I have the best intentions. But deep down I am a slob.

I am trying to change it with my new scrapbook room.

Last night I brought all my paper downstairs. Ok, most of it. Some of it is still on my messy floor. Under layers of scrapbook supplies.

I organized all my cardstock. By color. From the lightest shade to darkest. It is now proudly displayed on my paper rack.

Today was patterned paper day. Uggh!

This one is tricky.

I have catorgories:


That part is easy

But I am wondering is I do "themed" categories too..


I did that before. And by manufacturer. But I forgot I had these papers.

I do not want to do it again. Some of these papers I really like. LOL

So, I am torn.

And I am finding that I hate scraps.

I have tons of them. Especially Junkitz papers.

I cannot make myself throw them away. It would be wrong if I did. So wrong.

So, As I was sorting my mountain of paper, I was trying to think of a way of storing the scraps. In a way that would be easy to go through and not an unorganized mess.

Well, I have been toying around with getting Pottery Barn's Samantha Bench. But the price tag has made me hesitant.

The Samantha bench has 3 baskets you can purchase that go under the bench. I thought..Hey I can put my scraps in there and they will be accessable and out of sight. Also, organized. I could use one basket for solid cardstock. Another for patterned. And one for themed papers.

I was seriously considering taking the plunge and making a PB purchase....{sigh} So much money. For paper scraps?

but then I had a thought....

As you know I wanted that Pottery Barn Craft table, but was having the same issue. Price. And I found that Target had one that was just like PB's but more than half the price.

Last year for my birthday, I bought the Target craft table and absolutely love it.

So, I did a search on Target and found this..A dead ringer with the PB Samantha Bench!!

And the baskets and cushions are included! For only $199.99.

And they are having 15% off and free shipping. With another discount I got I am only paying less that $159.00 for it! Winner Winner Chicken dinner!

Now I have a cute bench that will hold my paper scraps. All nice and tidy!

Now, when I was reading the reviews on this bench, I saw that people think the cushions are a cheap and cheesy.

So, off to PB website I go. To see if they have their cushions for the bench available. I figured I would be willing to spend the $75.00 for the cushion since I saved @ $400. Right?

It is all about justification. LOL

So, I looked.

No luck. No longer available.

But I did find this.

Outdoor bench cushions. The right dimensions. And only $4.99. Can anyone say clearance? YAY!!

My new scrapbook room will be downstairs so moisture resistant cushions is right for me..

I ordered it. I got the multistripe. I wanted the red or white but alas they were sold out.

Most of my room colors are pink white and black with a splash of red here and there.

So I figured it would be ok to splash more color with the multistripe. {fingers crossed}

But for $4.99 I figured I could take the chance right?

Well, that is the latest. Trying to turn a corner and get organized.

My goal is to get the room upstairs emptied in the next 10 days, so I can get the room ready for my daughter. Deadline. February 28th. Her 7th birthday.

Once she is moved in. Quinn will be out of our room and moved in with big brother Jet.

I definitely want to meet this deadline.

Wish me luck.


Jennie said...

That's an awesome bench! What a great find!

Anonymous said...

hope you met your deadline!!! miss you! that bench is sweet.