Sunday, June 16, 2013

No Technology: Day 3

I know I am a little late with these posts. Weather and Dance Recital took a lot of time away from blogging...

But I am back to recap Day 3 of No Technology.

The kids woke up late. Hard Labor the night before will do that. :)

The kids were dragging. No chores were done. They forgot. I have no idea what they were doing. Seems the No technology is making them zombies. Or they are fighting back. Silent protest.

Well, I am still not budging. I make them do all their chores.

My neighbor's grandson is outside playing. And they go out and play with him. I am alone in the house. Lovely silence. I am liking this.

I work a little outside in the yard. They come back home for lunch.

Then, we have to get ready for me to work at the studio. I bring card games with us, so they have something to do.

While we were at the studio, they played ball outside. Until Quinn comes in and I see welts on his face and leg. The poor boy is getting eaten alive from the bugs. And his reaction to the bites are not  pretty.

I bring them all in. And I think all is well. I get a little caught up in studio business, when I look over and see Jet playing on another child's iPad! Grrrrrrrrr! *&%^%%$

Oh! Nay! Nay! I looked at Jet and asked him what he was doing? He looked up and knew he was caught. But also knew I could not and would not cause a scene because I was at the studio. Sneaky Kid!!  Asked him to give it back to the child.

Came home from the studio and then the kids went to bed. Overall, easy day. Except for the one hiccup.

Thursday is the last day...oh please give me the strength to make is through...