Wednesday, June 4, 2008

DAWN! This one's for you!!!



dawn said...

OMG!!! I LOVE this!! :-)

dawn said...

I keep coming back to this...and showing everyone I know!-Even on my blog I mention it! It makes me so happy!! So so so CUTE!!

Kathleen Taylor said...

He looks GREAT in orange doesn't he? And he only has it because a wonderful and sweet friend gave it to me. ;)
I took him to the twin's field day in it. Apparently a lot of "gordon" fans work there at the school (vomit!) LOL
They were all so jealous. Don't be a hater. Love the orange!!

Hatter J said...

You know, at first I scoffed at this...wondering how you could be so obsessed.

Then I realized that I'm the one who bought a Batman cosutme for their pug.

The Mighty Quinn does look rather cute though!

Leslie Ashe said...

Your little guy is so cute in all that orange!!!

dawn said...

Yah, I had to take another damn CUTE!! :-)