Sunday, May 25, 2008

Happy Memorial Day!

I hope you all are having a wonderful weekend.

It is a jam packed weekend for me. Like it has been for the last few months. Nothing has changed. LOL

My hubby says that he thinks I thrive on chaos. I plan too many things to do. Go crazy doing them all but somehow get it all done.

This weekend was no different. Last Friday I decided I wanted to do a yard sale. So I was running around the house like a mad woman trying to clean out all the cabinets and shoving them in the garage.

I had the yard sale on Friday and Saturday. Early morning! Ewwww! I am so not a morning person. Not at all! But having a 4 month old baby as your alarm clock works well for me. He does not let me sleep past 6:30 am. LOL

So, after the yard sale on Saturday, I packed the kids in the car for a cookout at my mom's house.

Then, after 4 hours, I packed the kids in the car again and drove to a camp site to drop the twins off with daddy. James goes camping every year with his friends and he wanted the twins to come this year. Are you being silly and asking why I was not camping this weekend too? Awww you are funny. I am not the camping type. Hotels are more my bag. LOL But James and the kids love it. And they won't be back until Monday(insert giggle here).

After dropping them off, I drove home with Quinn and we both sacked out for the night.

Today, my brother Pat is watching Quinn so I can mow the lawn. It really needs it. We have had so much rain lately that the grass has been perpetually wet and not mowable. it has gotten so bad that I have been calling it the Taylor Jungle!

When I am done that, I will be doing laundry and (gasp) scrapbooking. I am so excited. I may even stay up late to crank some layouts out. I miss my night owlness.

And don't let me forget the race is on tonight. Coca-Cola 600! Do I need to say it? YES I DO!


So, that is is my weekend in a nut shell. What are you doing?

And so that you know I have been cranking out some stuff using the Spring Survival kit from Homegrown Scrapbooks. If you have not checked it out, you really should. I know I am biased but Stephanie was brilliant when she came up with this program!

And speaking of Homegrown, I will be doing an article spotlighting a Hot Blog and Etsy find. I have never been to Etsy. So, when I went there I was amazed at all the beautiful things on there. And I found something to die for! No, I am not going to tell you yet...stay tuned!

You will not be disappointed!

So, let me share some of the things I have done......

This is an altered screen I did about the two places I want to travel to.

Have a great weekend!!


dawn said...

Is that scrapbook room done yet? I am itchin' for a roadtrip. Hint. Hint. LOVE your projects as always! You are so Lucky to have somewhat of a 'free' weekend. I too wil be watching the race! GO TONY GO!!:-)

Leslie Ashe said...

LOVE your screen!!!!!!!!!!

kathy marie said...

omg i love that screen its so freaking cute!!!!!

Hatter J said...

Love the screen! It's very YOU. seriously.