Thursday, April 3, 2008

Yes, I am back!

I know I have been MIA. March has been a crazy month and April is looking like much the same.

I have been doing my DT projects and teaching. The crop with Crops Plus was wonderful. The classes were a success and the people I met are just amazing people. I could not have asked for a better group of women. Thank you DJ and Sarah for allowing me to teach.

Like I said March has been crazy. With work, DT projects, class preparation and my sweet little baby, I have had no time. NO TIME!

And this month I am back with Homegrown Scrapbooks. I was on maternity leave, so I was not on the Winter Survival Program. I was so sad. It was an awesome kit. But I will be doing the Spring Survival kit. It totally rocks. I cannot wait to get my hands on it. And I will be working with some very talented ladies that have joined our Design Team; Ruth Akers, Leena Loh and Janine Langer. I am so excited to be working with these talented ladies.

This week I have been playing catch up with all the things that have gone to the wayside because I have been running around. You know, laundry, bill paying, post office. The dull stuff. LOL

Today, I am going to gut out my basement. I need to straighten it up. Normally, I would not go down there. Even if you paid me. It is a total mess. But the ball has started to roll on building/creating my new scrapbook room. My brother and hubby have begun to plan out my room. Cabinets, table, and flooring. This has been on hold for 2 years, so I need to keep them going. And the way to do that is to clean up that mess downstairs. Spring cleaning!

I am a little leery about being down there. James found a snake skin down there that is about 6 feet long. EWWWWWW!!! I cannot imagine running into that thing. I would FREAK out!

And my sweet baby boy is doing well. He just turned 3 months. Cooing more and smiling. Oh and that smile! It melts my heart. He has this half crooked smile he does now and then that makes me laugh. It is the cutest thing. I hope to be lucky enough to catch it on film soon.

Well, I better get it started. Quinn just went down for his nap and it is time to throw down and get dirty. LOL

And I will try not to be away for so long.....


Anonymous said...

I will pray for NO SNAKES for you. We once found a vole in our basement. I can handle mammals - absolutely NO reptiles!!
Jill (the deathly-aftraid-of-snakes-gal!)

dawn said...

YAY! Kathy is back! Sounds like you have been busy! I have always been afraid to go down in the basement. Ever since I was a little kid, but if I saw a snake I would freak out! I can not wait to see the new creations that you come up with and I really want to see an updated picture of Quinn! It is almost time for him to take a ride in his new (Tony) wheels. I want to see pics of that, too!!