Sunday, April 6, 2008

Another Day...

and the basement has been gutted. I worked on it for 2 days and it is definitely cleaner. The best part? No run ins with any snakes! HOORAY! haha

Even called the Junk Be Gone guy to haul out a lot of trash for me. I would have done it but I could not budge the old washer and dryer. Trust me I tried.

I have done my part in this little endeavor. Now I have to stay on my husband and my brother to finish hanging the drywall. Then I paint and put in the flooring.

I think this time it will get done. James and I made the mistake of trying to finish the entire basement at once. It was daunting. I believe doing it in small steps. Small projects that can be completed will get it done faster. I have this problem. I want it all done NOW! I am not a patient person when it comes to home projects. I know. SHOCKER right? ha ha

So, this has been a test for me. I have told myself that this will take a year to complete my new scrapbook room. I have to save money up for each step. Flooring. Then Cabinets.

But one thing I am not waiting for is the desk. I wanted the Pottery Barn craft table, but it is so expensive. Even with my birthday in April, I cannot rationalize spending that much money. I tried though. LOL

One of my friends told me about the craft table at Target. It is more than half off the Pottery Barn table. And that is the one I am gifting myself for my Birthday. YAY! I will be getting that before the walls will be painted. A girls got to do what a girl's got to do. Right?

I will share pictures of my room so you can see the progress.

And I know I need to get more pictures of Quinn on here. I am such a bad scrapper. No new pics. Ugggh. Will be working on that. And I promise I will get pictures of Quinn in that awesome Tony Stewart Stroller that Dawn gave me.

Dawn, I will call you soon. I miss our chats.

Ok it is 1 am. Need to get to bed. Another busy week ahead. Will be gutting out my room. Cleaning house. There is a Scrapbook Yard Sale at the end of April and I plan on getting in on the action. Getting rid of the stuff I have been hoarding and the things I do not think I will use.

Goodnight and see ya soon.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tip on the Target craft table. I BOUGHT ONE THIS MORNING because of you. Couldn't beat the 15% off plus free S/H not to mention my current table is falling apart. Thanks so much for the tip. Can't wait till it arrives and my studio gets a little makeover. - Jill

Nancy McCarroll said...

Hi. I listened to you on a cached podcast from KnitPicks (Kelly Petkum) and heard her say something about Jane Austen and audio books. Did you have a different source other than from which to search? Thanks, Nancy

dawn said...

Hey when your craftroom is completed. can I come over an play?? I am glad that you got the basement gutted. I know it is a lot of work with huge projects like this, but it feels so good to be done. I think that I may have to check out that craft table too! So what do you think of Tony's haircut? Finally...RIGHT?!! :-)

kathy marie said...

cant wait too see the new craft room!!!!