Monday, February 8, 2010

NJE Scrapbook Flea Market Yahoo Group..

Hi everyone! We are working hard to getting the final details going on the scrapbook flea market on May 1st, 2010. More updates will be coming soon.....

In the meantime , we have created a Yahoo Group for you all. Not only will you receive updates and announcements, but you will receive them at least 24 hours before they are posted to my blog or other scrapbook websites.

So, you can get a jump on when table rentals and ticket sale registration opens.

Right now the group is closed to public posts. All messages will be coming from the group moderators.

As the date of the flea market gets closer, we will open up the group to all
posts from members. So, we can talk about everything that has to do with the flea market and count down to when it begins...

So join now! :)

Thank you again in advance for your interest and help with raising money for North Jefferson Elementary!

Click to join njescrapbookfleamarket

Click to join njescrapbookfleamarket


Janet Carr said...

Hey There sweet friend!!!!!!! Just popping by to say 'HIIIIIII'!!!!!!!!!!!!