Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Where does the time go....

Time is just flying by. Quinn is over a month old. My days are blurring together.

But life is good.

I know I have not really talked about my husband much. But I have to tell you. He is one funny guy. We laugh all the time. We also fight about who is funnier. Me or him. He says he is the funniest, but I "know" I am. It is a never ending battle. He is in denial.

But we agree on one thing. Jet is funnier than both of us. He has inherited our "funny" genes. He can always get James and I laughing. It is a gift he has. Nothing makes Jet happier than making people laugh.

The best part is that Jet "gets" us. He plays along with our jokes, while Kaili rolls her eyes and is wondering how she got in this crazy family.

Jet did it again tonight. He cames downstairs after we tucked him in and said his tummy hurts. So that you know his tummy always hurts when he wants to stay up late. He says he tries to talk his tummy out of it, but his tummy will not listen. His tummy is the stubborn sort.

Anyway, he said that if he sat on the couch for awhile his tummy would feel better. And then it began. I started it. Asking him silly questions about his tummy. After a few minutes of mild giggling on my part, I told Jet he had to go to bed. He started pouting. Batted his eyes and pleaded to stay up a little longer. I told him he would have to ask daddy.

So, all eyes went on Daddy. He told jet that he could stay up for 10 minutes. That should be long enough for his tummy ache to get better. Jet agreed. A couple seconds went by and Jet said....

Well, ummmmm..I have been thinking...that uh..I changed my mind...20 minutes...yeah that should do it.

I think it was the way he said it. And the innocent look mixed with a half smirk that made James and I laugh so hard. Jet knows exactly what he is doing.

He knows that if he can keep us laughing, he can do no wrong. Or get out of the wrong he has done. LOL

And sadly he is right.....we are softies for our fellow funny people....especially if he is our son..


Leslie Ashe said...

Ahhh Kathleen, first off, HI!!! Congrats again on baby Quinn..he's a DOLL!! I LOVE your story about Jet. He reminds me of a little boy I used to know who's now almost 16, MY OWN! LOL!! Hope you're well...just wanted to say HI!

dawn said...

My son pulls this everynight too! I am the weak one and Dad is the strong one. :-)