Tuesday, January 15, 2008

C-section Set back

WARNING: Not for the queasy......

Whenever there is surgery involved there are risks. Chances of complications. I never really thought about them because the twins c-section was such a breeze for me. I recovered fast and the scarring and bruising was minimal.

Unfortunately, this is not the case with my latest c-section.

While in the hospital, my incision opened a little. The doctor on call who delivered my baby (not my regular ob/gyn) told me not to worry. It would heal up on its own. He told me to follow up with him in a week. A week later I went to see him. I had major bruising and the would was not closing. he still told me not to worry everything looked fine. I saw him 2 days later and he said I was healing and the bruising was going away. He told me I had a hematoma under my incision, but that would heal too.

Well, I was unsure. One hole was the size of a nickel and the other a pea. I just did not see the big hole closing on its own.

So, I went to my regular ob/gyn today to get a second opinion. She was not happy with how it looked. Said I had some major clots in my belly and it needed to be cleaned. I told her to go ahead. Not thinking of what it entailed. They had to open my incision, clean the would with saline and peroxide (OUCH!!!!!!!), and pack the wound full of gauze.

I cannot tell you how much this whole procedure hurt. I consider myself a person with a high tolerance for pain, but this had me in tears. Toe curling pain. And the worst part is that I have to go into their office every day for the next two weeks and have them take out the old gauze and repack new gauze in its place. They are treating it like an abscess .

My hubby feels awful because he is out of town and cannot help me. Luckily my brother is here and he has been a HUGE help! And I have called in my reinforcements. My mom and dad. LOL To help me this weekend.

I am a bit overwhelmed. I am happy that I am on the road to recovery, but I am hating the fact that it is holding me back from completely enjoying my new baby and time with the twins. Know what I mean? And I have no idea exactly how long my recovery will take before I am 100%.

So, today was a bad day. A rough day. And I think it will be rough for awhile. But I am trying to make the best of it.

I just wanted to let you all know what was going on. Just in case you do not hear from me for awhile. Sorry for the blog downer but I promise my next entry will be an upbeat one.

But there is a up side. Even though I am going through all this, it is still all worth it because I have my new baby boy. He is healthy and too cute for words. I am grateful for that.


Hatter J said...

Feel better, and take care of you..if you need anything...give me a holler. I'll be there for comedy relief

dawn said...

I hope that you are trying to rest and take it easy. I have something that will make you smile. I will have Quinn's present soon and then I will be sending it down to you. You are going to LOVE it! :-)

Anonymous said...

OMG - rest and take care of yourself. I can only imagine your pain.

Vicki in MD