Monday, December 24, 2007

New Blog.....

Last year, I was not into "blogging." Being on the Junkitz Design Team really changed my views on it. Now I do not know what I would do if I did not blog.

This week, I found out that Junkitz has closed it doors. You have no idea how much it saddened me to hear this. My dream came true last year, when I got an email from Debbie Hill asking me to be on the Junkitz Design Team. And I have been riding the biggest high since then.

And just because Junkitz is saying good-bye, does not mean that I am not still thankful. Because that could not be farther from the truth.

I could not have asked for a more talented team to work with. And I cannot thank Stacey and Kenny enough for this opportunity. I feel truly blessed. Not only because I was able to work on my Dream Design Team, but I was lucky enough to work with Stacey and Kenny. Two amazing people that I happy to be able to call my friends.

Stacey, thank you for believing in me. Thank you for all the laughs. Thank you for being my friend. Something I know will not end with Junkitz closing and I will cherish forever.

Good Luck with your new venture with Inque Boutique. I know it will be a success.

And to the ladies who read my blog and made me feel at home. Thank you for letting me share my life with you. I hope you keep in touch. That means you too Dawn my fellow Nascar Fan!

And do not worry I am still doing the Baby Pool. I am copying and pasting the guesses below and the winner will still receive a Junkitz Goodie Box from me.

boston terrier mommy

I am going to guess December 29th at 5:15 p.m. Here is hoping your newest tax deduction comes this year. LOL Best of luck with your new baby.


I am guessing...January 2 at 3:15 pm! :) Best wishes on your new bundle of joy!


First of all, best wishes on your delivery on whatever date that might be! But my mind is sayin' Dec 27th at 1:20pm. Take good care of yourself! MargieH in Chicago


my guess is December 30th at 3.46 am. I hope you have a fast and painless delivery!


I'm guessing it could be 26th Dec at 7pm. All the best on the birth of your little one.


HHmmm... I'm feeling Dec.27th at 3:30pm! Good Luck and a speedy delivery!


I'm going for December 31st at 7pm!!! Get that tax deduction in just in time! Melissa


we're going for the 1st baby of the new year...December 31, 12 am


ok December 30 at 1027 am ... your aol buddy


Considering how well organized you are for this birth I'd like to say you could have it any day. However, I've been there. My guess is January 4 at 9am. Sorry Kathleen. My HOPE for you is that you have the baby on the day that you most want to be having it. Good luck to you for a healthy delivery.

Vicki in MD

I was thinking it would be an early January present, like January 8th, at 9:23 AM. But I bet you're hoping that it won't be that much longer! I bet you can hardly wait until you hold that new bundle of joy in your arms. Best wishes for a speedy delivery whenever he decides to arrive.


December 24 at 11:45am, but I like January 5, because that it my Birthday.


Ok K...i am thinkin this will be a Jan 3 baby. (my dad's bday) I am gonna quess 2:13 pm! Best of luck to you whatever day he comes! You so deserve the very best! Them pups need a new play toy too!!!!bwwhahahahahaha...LOVE YOU!!! Jer


Ok, I think an additional tax deduction is warranted for this year so my choice would be December 31 at 9:50 pm. Good luck on whatever day you deliver. Stephanie


well if we are picking birthdays I am going to say dec 20th (my brothers bday) at 6 pm or my dad's birthday Jan 6 same time 6 pm


My guess is Jan 3 at 3:40pm. Best of everything... Louise

Vicki in MD

I don't know if this is ok or not - but can I re-adjust my prediction? I'm thinking that Jan 3rd around noon sounds a bit better after reading all you're going through.


Anonymous said...

I look forward to following you on your new blog!

Faith said...

My guess is Dec. 31st at 11:30 p.m.

dawn said...

Hello...My fellow Tony fan!!! I am going to add my guess as January 1st 1 am. Yikes! I am glad you have set up a new blog. I have enjoyed all your projects that you have shared and can not wait to see more. You are so talented! I feel like I have gotten to know you a little bit over this past year. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas. Even though it is sad that Junkitz has ended, I look forward to seeing what is in store. I too, believe Kenny and Stacey will do GREAT things with Inque Boutique!

~Cheryl said...

Good luck with everything!!!- my guess is January 2nd- at 9:40am.

Glad you're blogging on your own as well- I love your work!

MichelleStrachan said...

Kathleen, as soon as I heard the news, I thought of you! Sad to hear them closing down! I will follow your new blog!

Hatter J said...

Holy Cow...I'm really sad about this. I will try and call you later...I miss you!

Sara Dickey said...

hey there!! I just heard the sad news...i'm so sorry!! I'll call you later...sickies invading the house

Anonymous said...

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